Terms and Conditions


Shipping costs Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) are free as long as your purchase is less than 60 Euros, if not, generally and except for special offers on specific dates, have a cost 4.90 euros ( 6.90 Euros in sales season). For shipments in the Balearic Islands have a cost of 7.90 euros for orders below 70 euros, in case the order is over 70 euros shipments are free. The Ceuta and Melilla shipments have a cost of 40 euros.


If you place an order before 12.00 you receive your home before 19 o'clock the next day, provided that the day you make the order is working in Altea, Alicante (where we have our central) and the next day is labor in the destination address. This condition is only valid from Monday to Friday only for deliveries in the Iberian Peninsula. If for some reason beyond Boutique Calzatti delivery it is not possible within this period the customer is informed when you are going to deliver the order.


Shipping cost 19,90 euros: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

29,90 euros Shipping Cost: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, Romania and Sweden.

39.90 euros Shipping Cost: US and Canada

Shipping cost 49 euros: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

When the user is logged and indicates the shipping address automatically appear exact shipping cost (the cost can range from 19.99 to 99 euros depending on the area).

Boutique Calzatti will not be responsible for any customs charges that some countries may apply to international shipments. After sending the order will not be grounds for termination or cancellation for this reason, if the customer wishes to cancel the order for this or other reasons must pay the cost of returning it.

Processed orders are sent through a transport agency and contract logistics.

The transportation agency will send an SMS to the mobile phone provided by the customer to warn that pass through the address indicated to deliver the order.

In the case of no responsible for receiving the package at the address of delivery, a notice will be left with a phone number that will call to confirm what time can deliver the goods. The transit agency will keep your package in their stores approximately 15 days prior to the return to our facility.

If you do not receive your purchase in the estimated time should contact the Customer Service of Calzatti Boutique. You can write to calzattiboutique@gmail.com for this purpose. From the moment when we will have notification the necessary steps to find out why you have not received the agreed time.


If in the order received is a defective product, either in origin or due to transportation, you must contact us via email calzattiboutique@gmail.com

returns, defective products or wrong original state or products that can be guaranteed 100% that have not been used will be accepted.

As a client of Calzatti Boutique has 15 calendar days (the day of receipt and tells how one of those 15 days) from receipt of order to make the return of the product, except 10 December to January 6 the deadline for return or exchange until January 15 on the occasion of the holidays is exceptionally extended. To request a refund calzattiboutique@gmail.com an email indicating the name and order number and when they want to move on to pick up the package will be sent. You must properly wrap the package to not suffer any damage. The cost of return is 4.90 euros (6.90 euros in sales period) for orders in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). This cost is the same for partial returns order (if for example you buy 2 or more products and returns one). For orders of the Balearic Islands return shipping charges are 5.90 euros. For orders of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla repayment has a cost of 40 euros. Calzatti Boutique will send the carrier to collect the product. Once Calzatti Boutique verify that the product is in proper conditions required to reimburse the amount of product discounting the cost of return (the shipping of the order is not taken into account if any). The refund will be made through the same method in which (paypal or card) was purchased, in the case of orders form of payment on delivery refund will be made by bank transfer to an account that will facilitate our client. In the event that the return occurred after a product change, the cost of it will be 10 euros. The cost of return for international shipments depend on the country in any case the cost will be same as that charged for initially sending the product. For international shipments the return is borne by the customer. Once you received the product and checked that it is in proper condition will proceed to the refund of the product.

- If for any loss or damage during transportation: Calzatti Boutique and transport company would take over 100% of damaged products as well as the costs incurred to remedy the damage (return of the damaged product and send another product in perfect condition) as long as it is demonstrable that the damage has been produced by transport since in that case the insurance contract with the carrier would bear the fertilizer product.

- If for any defective product or wrong original condition of the product: Boutique Calzatti would take care of the products in poor condition and would be replaced by others. Boutique Calzatti would take over the transport costs arising.


The first change of the product is free only in Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) as long as the purchase has been more than 60 Euros. The change in the Balearic Islands has a cost of 8 euros. The second change and later will cost 17 euros in Peninsula and the Balearics. The customer must pay the difference in cost in the event that the change is for a shoe than the original cost and no changes are allowed for minor products acquired in the first. For changes always the purchase price of the product will be applied. The deadline for changing product equals the deadline for the return (15 calendar days except from December 15 to January 6, the deadline is extended until 15 January). For international orders and orders Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla product change not supported.


For products specially commissioned by the customer and shoes Dino does not have any stock exchange or refund will not be accepted. For this reason we recommend that you make sure the order before both realize ourselves how the model size. All orders must be paid in advance by bank transfer.


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